CRM consultation
Presenting amoCRM to a customer in person or online
Explaining the benefits their business can get by switching to amoCRM
Account setup
The overall setup of their CRM account, key in hand approach
Team training
Product training and onboarding of customer’s employees
Digital marketing
Creating a marketing strategy
Creating and maintaining automated email campaigns
Creating and maintaining custom chatbots
Integrating Facebook or Google Ads in the Digital Pipeline
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Lead generation (PPC/PPL)
Other advertising campaigns
Sales workflow
Creating a sales strategy
Setting up sales pipeline in amoCRM
Automating the sales process
Building customer’s sales department
Creating scripts, modules, sales scenarios, corporate book of sales
Analytics of sales channels, call tracking and ROI
Custom CRM integrations
Creating integrations with other customer systems and services
Configuring existing widgets
Creating a new widget for a customer
Custom features using API
CRM data migration
Moving customer’s data from spreadsheets and notes to their amoCRM account
Web development
Creating websites and landing pages

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