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Turn a LinkedIn search into a list of emails

..Well, the dream is about to come true. In sales, one of the most time-consuming tasks is building a decent file of leads: Meaning companies, names, emails and so on. 

This tactic change the way how you work

turn job openings into buying signals

Knowing who's being hired is a key information when selling some products. Keep an eye on job offers of a list of companies and reach out to them at the perfect time with this workflow.

How to turn linkedin profiles to be part of your crm

So here you are: A huge list of new people to add to your LinkedIn accounts. They are the perfect leads, working in the perfect industry with the perfect position. You've added them with LinkedIn Network Booster. Now you need to know whether they accepted yout

 LinkedIn invitation, How do you get full information about them?  This will allow you to gather a very key piece of info about them: their email and follow-up with a DM or by adding them to your CRM.

linkedin message sending

Ability to broadcast message to targetted prospect base on search keywords

Connect to the people resulting in a LinkedIn search

In order to get a decent audience on LinkedIn, the number of 5000 connections is often mentioned. Having a lot of connections signals to the LinkedIn algorithm that you are an active professional whose content should be broadcasted. It's also a powerful way to convey authority. So plug the following Phantoms together and see your audience grow fast.

LinkedIn Social Selling 101: Know your audience

All followers are not born equal. Some are real fans, other are just not active. Knowing which is which will help you target your content better, sell more efficiently and know who you can unconnect in order to make some room for better (so to speak) followers.

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Targetted Email /  Linkedin Lead

$150.00 USD

  • 500 Targetted Email Broadcast
  • Email Sales Script
  • Campaign Builder


Targetted Email / Linkedin Lead

$750.00 USD

  • 2,500 Targetted Email Broadcast
  • Email Sales Script
  • Campaign Builder
  • Advanced Report


Targetted Email / Linkedin Lead

$2000.00 USD

  • 5,000 Targetted Email Broadcast
  • Email Sales Script
  • Campaign Builder
  • Advanced Report
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM




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Anybody using Email Marketing, or wanting use Email Marketing. 

 Sales Teams looking for Email, Direct Mail Data 

​Additional Outreach Scripts: Additional scripts to use for yourself or your clients. ​

SaaS Companies Looking for Cost Effective "In-Bound" Leads. 

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